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Happy Birthday - DJ!

You want your party to be something special? With the right DJ, you and your guests will be dancing until morning breaks. The best hits, the latest equipment and just the right music: we're right there with you. No matter if it's an 18th or an 80th birthday, we'll adapt to your personal wishes to make your birthday party perfect. What kind of music do you enjoy? 70s rock, 80s New Wave, 90s, the latest radio hits? You get to tell your DJ what he's supposed to play. With our music request sheet you can state what styles you enjoy and which you don't. If you'd like to create your own playlist, you can do so over our playlist builder. Of course your guests can make spontaneous requests during the party as well - your DJ is always open for suggestions.


Birthday sound Birthday lighs

To perfect your birthday party, your DJ will set up and install lights and sound eqipment. And the mobile Discotheque is complete! We will adapt the size to your needs and liking. The best part? The basic DJ eqipment is completely free of charge and suffices for a party of up to 150 people. For further eqipment, visit this page.


What's so special about the mobydisc Birthday DJ?

mobydisc is no agency or internet portal - Our mobile DJs are staff. We know them well, because we have trained them ourselves. All the speakers and lights come from our storehouse, where they are regulary maintained and inspected. And during the night our emergency service is ready in case of any problems - 24 hours a day.


Our experience is your advantage!

  • experience from over 30 years, 25.000 events in Germany and 300.000 worldwide
  • thoroughly trained and inspected DJs
  • fair and transparent prices
  • 30-day cancellation period
  • noncommittal and extensive counseling
  • full-service including Sound & Light, artists, Karaoke and more


Where to book a birthday DJ

We've started of in the Rhein Main Area, some 25 years ago. Today we cover most regions of Germany, but you will find them all detailed on this website (visit Where We Are on the menu bar). If your venures not there, just give us a call and we will give you a quote straight away.


How old are your DJs?

We have DJs in all varieties: Old, young, large, small.. We will try to match the DJ with your age group, and that is the only reason we will ask for your age.


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